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If you try sometimes? You get what you need

This is beyond asshood

A new home for House/Cuddy... if needed.
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house_cuddy has been restored to its former glory. Let's all take a moment to SQUEE!

house_and_cuddy has been reshaped into a challenge community - different types of challenge will be posted on a weekly or monthly basis and we can all put our creative hats on to produce House/Cuddy fic, art and videos :)

This will never be deleted, not as long as it contains information from anyone other than me. In the meantime, obviously there is more than one comm so please keep cross-posting to a minimum: people will quickly get frustrated at seeing EVERYTHING twice.

Ultimately this comm is set up as a democracy, there are 3 maintainers and we trust each other not to mess the members about. If you have any issues at all, we are all happy to be approached. This is YOUR community, not just ours.

General [H]ouse rules of the comm (which House himself would probably break for sport. Hmm):

1. Wank-free, drama-free, idiot-free. We all know the catalysts for these situations by now - speak to each other civilly, don't pick fights over nothing and respect that other opinions may differ from your own. Stay away from the -isms too: sexism, racism, uh...nepotism - none of these will be tolerated. Same goes for the less scary phobias (xeno and homo).

2. If you see something you don't like on here, or worry that the rules are being broken, PM damelola, nowgoesquickly or pottermanic. We'll get to it as soon as we can.

3. No spam. Please don't put commercial links on here or links to comms that have nothing to do with House/Cuddy. We will accept links to challenges and ficathons provided House/Cuddy is a pairing that can be written for it. Try and restrict it to ones based within the House fandom if you can.

4. Speaking of which: all we want to talk about here is House/Cuddy. There are actor comms for Hugh and Lisa, other comms for other ships and general House communities to discuss the overall show. RPF is not permitted here either, keep that to the appropriate comms.

5. Put spoilers behind a cut please (no exceptions). We ask that you continue this courtesy for 48 hours after the episode airs.


fishingvegas is banned, so consider this a troll-free space for now :)

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